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Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE)
Call for Papers & Panels

Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE)
Call for Papers 

Annual Meeting, AFEE at ASSA, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA
January 5-7, 2018

Onward and Upward:
The Scope, Substance, and Strength of Today’s Institutional Economics

"Onward and upward." With three words, institutionalist Wendell Gordon expressed his own optimism, presented his students and colleagues with a charge, and captured much of the essence of evolutionary economics—namely, that socioeconomic life takes place in a constantly changing system and is driven by purposeful human action.

In Institutional Economics, Gordon quoted from "The Present Crisis," by poet James Russell Lowell: "New occasions teach new duties; Time makes ancient good uncouth; They must upward still, and onward, who would keep abreast of Truth." And in his presidential address to AFEE, Gordon observed: 'All of us all the time are rechecking the tools or instruments we use and rechecking our reasons for doing things...As the driver of the tramway going up the side of the mountain said: "Onward and upward."'

There is no question: we live in troubling times. But Gordon's words urge us to do what we can to improve things. With that in mind, the aim of AFEE's upcoming annual meeting is to describe, assess, and recommend ways to enhance the scope, substance, and strength of institutionalism today.

While all proposals for papers examining institutionalist topics and/or using the methods of evolutionary economics will be considered, preference will be given to papers that directly address aspects of this year's theme. The following are just some of the possible directions for papers in line with the theme:

  • Provide a fresh, up-to-date exploration of the subject of one of the articles contained in volume 21, numbers 3 and 4 of the Journal of Economic Issues (special issues, published in 1987, devoted to the foundations, theories, and policy insight of evolutionary economics);
  • Sketch out a new frontier involving institutionalist theory or analysis;
  • Clear a path for new alliances between institutionalism and other economic traditions, academic disciplines, or particular economic stakeholders, explaining why and how they can/could/should work together;
  • Demonstrate the superiority of an institutional (as opposed to a neoclassical) analysis of a specific real-world problem; or, since we will meet in Philadelphia,
  • Explore the meaning of liberty and/or equality in institutional economics.

Submission Requirements and Procedures

Deadline: The submission deadline is April 15, 2017. No late submissions will be considered. Authors will be informed whether their proposals have been accepted by the end of May.

Expectation of Attendance: By submitting a paper proposal, you are making a commitment—should your proposal be accepted—to attend the conference and go to as many sessions as possible. Attendance affects ASSA’s allocation of sessions: The ASSA monitors attendance and associations with low attendance risk having fewer sessions at future ASSA conferences. ASSA already places severe limits on the number of sessions allocated to AFEE; we regret the need to turn down many good proposals.*

Membership Requirement: At least one of the authors (and preferably all authors) of any paper for an AFEE session must be a member of AFEE by the submission deadline. For membership information, please, visit http://www.afee.net/ or contact Eric Hake (AFEE Secretary-Treasurer) at erhake@catawba.edu.

Submissions: Please send an e-mail to Charles Whalen (program chair) at cjwhalen@gmail.com with the following information in an attached MS Word document:

  1. Name, professional affiliation, e-mail address, and mailing address of the corresponding author and all co-authors
  2. Title of the proposed paper
  3. JEL code(s) [ https://www.aeaweb.org/econlit/jelCodes.php ]
  4. One-sentence description of the paper
  5. Abstract of no more than 250 words
  6. Willingness to serve as session chair or discussant (specify fields)

Conference Proceedings: Papers presented at the AFEE meeting in Philadelphia are eligible for publication in the June 2018 issue of the Journal of Economic Issues. To be considered for publication, the text of your paper cannot exceed 2,850 words, with no more than four pages (total) of double-spaced endnotes, references, tables, and figures. The deadline for submission to the JEI is December 18, 2017. JEI submission details will be provided to authors whose proposals are accepted for the conference. All criteria for the submission of papers, including deadlines, will be strictly enforced by the JEI editor, Christopher Brown. At least one of the authors of any paper must be a member of AFEE. Papers should be sent by email attachment to jei@astate.edu.

* Any paper turned down for the AFEE program at ASSA will be automatically considered for the AFEE portion of the ICAPE conference, which will be held at Drexel University in downtown Philadelphia the day before the ASSA meetings (January 4, 2018). Drexel is a short cab or subway ride from the ASSA conference hotels. See http://icape.org/ConferenceAnnouncement.html for details.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Charles Whalen (AFEE Program Chair)
Congressional Budget Office, US Congress
Washington, DC 20515, USA