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Special Session of AFEE/EAEPE @ CASE


“Institutional Evolution in Central and Eastern Europe – taking stock and looking forward”
to be held at the 25th Anniversary conference of CASE
(Center for Social and Economic Research)

“The Future of Europe – Central and Eastern Europe in a Comparative Perspective”
Warsaw, Poland 17 – 18 November 2016


Starting in 1989 Poland and all the region of Central and Eastern Europe has undergone substantial changes, including transition to a market economy and accession of

some of the countries to the European Union. The region has faced substantial challenges arising from integration with the European and global economy, the financial crisis, and is currently confronted with the changing role Transition to the market economy was an institutional change par excellence. This institutional change, however, developed differently in individual countries from the very beginning, some of them adopting a faster transition, whilst others moved more slowly. Further, the process of change was modified to reflect local conditions and culture, be it spontaneous or originating from political struggles. This is why comparing institutional change experiences of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and drawing conclusions from lessons learnt is a valuable exercise.

For this reason the Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE) and the European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE) wish to organize a Special Session at the CASE Conference under the title:

Institutional Evolution in Central and Eastern Europe – taking stock and looking forward

We call on the members of AFEE and EAEPE to submit abstracts for the above Special Session. We expect the papers to focus on the general features and sources of institutional evolution in Central and Eastern Europe, the role of major agents of institutional change, the shape of institutions governing particular areas of social and economic life, namely production, labour, finance, social protection, foreign trade.

We invite you to send abstracts of up to 800 words, plus keywords and JEL codes, to:

kirdina@bk.ru for AFEE members
lisso@sgh.waw.pl for EAEPE members

The deadline for submission of abstracts for this Special Session is April, 30, 2016

Notification of acceptance will be sent out by May, 10, 2016.

The full texts of papers (not more than 10,000 words) should be submitted in English not later than the end of October

Registration fee is 25 euro.

All useful information about the CASE conference you can find here:


Looking forward to hear from you,

Svetlana Kirdina – AFEE
Maria Lissowska - EAEPE