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2017 AFEE President's Letter


February 6, 2017

Dear AFEE Colleagues

I want to begin this letter to association members by thanking Deb Figart for completing an incredibly productive term as AFEE President. Under her direction there was a major overhaul to the AFEE bylaws, and AFEE is now a stronger organization as a result. AFEE board member (and practicing attorney) Stephen Paschall was also instrumental in this process, as were numerous AFEE committee members, especially those on the Ad-Hoc Committee on Revision of AFEE Bylaws. In addition, I would be remiss if I did not thank Eric Hake, our Secretary/Treasurer, and Teresa Rowell, our Association Coordinator, for all of their work to keep the association running smoothly. I have depended on both of them extensively.

I would also like to recognize all of those who made the AFEE conference in Chicago such as success. And, congratulations to John F. Henry, the Veblen-Commons Award recipient, Lynne Chester, the Clarence E. Ayres Scholar, and David Dequech, the James H. Street Scholar, for these awards and for their excellent presentations.

Congratulations also to Charles Whalen, our new President-Elect for 2017, and to the new members of the AFEE Board of directors, Asimina Christoforou, John Watkins and Valerie Kepner. Thank you to outgoing Board members Mayo Toruño, Svetlana Kirdina, and Timothy Wunder for their work on behalf of the association. And, thank you to all of the outgoing committee members who completed important work for AFEE last year.

Our primary focus in 2017 will be on replacing Chris Brown as editor of the Journal of Economic Issues. The Committee on Publications and Electronic Media will be conducting the search. I encourage longstanding AFEE members with an interest in the job to consider submitting an application for this crucial position. Chris has done superb work with the journal, and we thank him for all of his tireless efforts for the last two terms.

AFEE will also be searching for a new Web Content Editor and a new Social Media Coordinator. These positions will replace Tim Wunder, who has served as AFEE Web Editor for many years. Details regarding the positions are contained in the appendix below. Thank you, Tim, for your many years of service to AFEE.

Another major focus for AFEE this year will be to increase our visibility. The Committee for Regional and International Conferences is developing AFEE panels at conferences all over the world. Contact Charles Whalen if you have ideas for this committee. I have also charged the membership committee with developing an AFEE program for the upcoming ICAPE conference, January 4, 2018 at Drexel University (the day before the ASSA meetings in Philadelphia). This program could be modeled in part on the AFEE summer schools, which introduced new scholars to institutional economics. I would also like to remind everyone about the AFEE Guest Speaker Support Fund. AFEE will match institutional funds up to $600 to bring AFEE members to campuses for guest lectures. With these and other endeavors, I hope to increase AFEE's profile in the coming year. If you have additional ideas for promoting AFEE, please contact me.

Finally, please renew your membership in AFEE. The ongoing vitality of our association and the viability of our community depend on your ongoing participation. Our most important resource continues to be the association membership, and we appreciate your loyalty and interest in supporting evolutionary, institutional economics.

Warm regards,

Geoffrey E. Schneider
AFEE President, 2017

Appendix1 and Committees