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AFEE @ ASSA 2019

ASSA co-headquarters hotel
Hilton Atlanta,
255 Courtland Avenue, Atlanta GA

All events and panel sessions for AFEE at ASSA will be held at the ASSA co-headquarters hotel, Hilton Atlanta, 255 Courtland Avenue, Atlanta GA.

Please read below for submission guidelines provided by Jonnda Burner, of the ASSA offices:

Registration and housing will open on September 12th at 11 a.m. EDT at https://conf.aeaweb.org. Your registration ID will be required to book a room or suite. General information about the meeting (including suite diagrams) can be found at https://www.aeaweb.org/conference.

In the past, when you registered for the ASSA meeting, you created an account in the meetings registration system. Please do not create a new account this year. Instead, log back into your existing account to register. To prepare ahead of time, if you have forgotten your username and/or password, use the forgot your password option. (Please note that the conference registration system is separate from the AEA membership system. It is possible that you used the same credentials for both, but they could be different.)

The login/registration page will be closed from 5 p.m. EDT on September 11th until registration opens at 11 a.m. EDT on the 12th. Please check your login information before 5 p.m. EDT, September 11th.

Convention Management Resources (CMR) is the housing company for the 2019 meetings. Please note:

  • You may be placed in a brief queue when linking to the housing site. When it is your turn, you will be redirected automatically.
  • "Waitlisting" may be used to request unavailable room nights. In most cases we are able to secure the additional nights to meet your needs. If you encounter the "Waitlist Info" button during the hotel selection and reservation process, please refer to the step-by-step instructions below.

Waitlist Instructions (Making a request for unavailable nights):

  1. If the desired dates are not available at your preferred hotel, a "Waitlist Info" button will display next to the hotel listing. Select the "Show Availability" link to identify which dates are available and complete the reservation for the available dates.
  2. Once the reservation is complete, at bottom of page, choose "Change Reservation."
  3. Change the dates to your desired arrival and departure dates. (Do not click "Continue." The button will change to "Waitlist" after you change your dates.)
  4. Select the "Waitlist" button that now appears next to your reserved hotel. (Note: your original dates will remain secured.)
  5. Your preferred hotel will already be selected in the dropdown. You may select two alternate hotels, but it is not necessary. Select "Submit."
  6. You will receive a waitlist acknowledgement by email.
  7. After we contact the hotel, we will send you an email communicating whether or not the additional nights were secured for you.

Jonnda Burner
ASSA Registrar
2014 Broadway, Suite 305
Nashville, TN 37203
Log into your account to view the email address.