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Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE)

Call for Papers

Annual Meeting, AFEE at ASSA, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
January 4-6, 2019

Institutional Economics in the “True Age of Uncertainty”

In “This is a True Age of Uncertainty” published in The Guardian, Barry Eichengreen commemorates the fortieth anniversary of John Kenneth Galbraith’s The Age of Uncertainty by comparing the issues that concerned Galbraith with those we confront today. Eichengreen writes: “Viewed from the perspective of 2017, however, the uncertainty of 1977 seems enviable. Although The Age of Uncertainty was about much more than the year 1977, it captured the tenor of the times. But if Galbraith was writing the same book in 2017, he probably would call the 1970s The Age of Assurance.”

Thus, Hyman Minsky’s 1996 exhortation is even more urgent today: “The tolerance for uncertainty is limited. When uncertainty leads to an unsatisfactory result, then it becomes the duty of society in general to protect its citizens against the consequences: a sacrifice of narrow technical efficiency may be called for.” What can institutional economists contribute to help fulfill this social obligation? The objective of the 2019 AFEE Conference is to continue the organization’s long tradition of generating and disseminating ideas and policy recommendations to help ensure widely-shared social progress.

Although we encourage submissions on all topics related to evolutionary economics, preference will be given to those closely aligned with the conference theme. The following are examples of issues that may be addressed:

  1. The fraying of political institutions as a consequence of hyper-globalization.
  2. Financialization and the persistence of economic imbalances.
  3. Polanyi’s double movement: A resurgence of economic liberalism, or a protective response?
  4. Politics, science, and climate change.
  5. Refugees, migrants, and human rights.
  6. The future of macroeconomic stabilization policy in an age of austerity.
  7. Technological change (especially robotics and artificial intelligence) and job or basic income guarantees.
  8. Income and wealth inequality.
  9. Race, gender, and class: widening or narrowing differences?
  10. Theoretical or historical studies of uncertainty.


Submission Requirements and Procedures

Deadline: The submission deadline is April 15, 2018, and no late proposals will be considered. Acceptance or rejection notices will be sent by early June 2018.

Membership Requirement: At least one of the authors (and preferably all co-authors) of any paper must be a member of AFEE by the submission deadline. For membership information, please visit http://www.afee.net/ or contact Eric Hake (AFEE Secretary-Treasurer) at Log into your account to view the email address..

Expectation of Attendance: At least one author of an accepted paper should attend the conference and participate in as many sessions as possible. ASSA monitors attendance, and organizations with low turnouts may be allocated fewer sessions at future meetings. Because ASSA currently limits the number of AFFE sessions, we regret having to reject many good proposals. *

Submissions: Please send an e-mail to David Zalewski (program chair) at Log into your account to view the email address. with the following information in an attached MS Word document:

  1. Name, professional affiliation, e-mail address, and mailing address of the corresponding author and all co-authors
  2. Title of the proposed paper
  3. JEL code(s) [ https://www.aeaweb.org/econlit/jelCodes.php ]
  4. Abstract of no more than 250 words
  5. Willingness to serve as session chair or discussant (specify fields)

Conference Proceedings: Papers presented at the AFEE meeting in Atlanta are eligible for publication in the June 2019 issue of the Journal of Economic Issues. To be considered for publication, the text of your paper cannot exceed 2,850 words, with no more than four pages (total) of double-spaced endnotes, references, tables, and figures. The deadline for submission to the JEI is December 17, 2018. JEI submission details will be provided to authors whose proposals are accepted. All criteria for the submission of papers, including deadlines, will be strictly enforced by the JEI editor, William Waller. Papers should be sent by email attachment to Log into your account to view the email address..

* All papers not accepted for the AFEE program at ASSA will be automatically considered for the AFEE portion of the ICAPE conference, which will be held at Agnes Scott College in Atlanta on January 3, 2019. More information can be found at www.icape.org.

I look forward to your proposals.

David A. Zalewski (Program Chair)
Providence College
School of Business
Ryan Center 252
Providence, RI 02918 (USA)