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AFEE at AFEP 2017


4-7 July 2017, Rennes-France

The 2007-2008 global financial-economic crisis drawn attention to profound structural weaknesses of financially liberalized capitalist economies. This crisis, still going on despite massive and costly recovery policies implemented by major central banks and central governments since 2008, quickly spread from the US financial markets and institutions to European and emerging markets. It has also involved in its wake some fragile domestic debt structures such as the Greek and Spanish economies, some fragile productive systems such as the Argentinian, Brazilian and Turkish economies

Several conventional analyses argued that the global crisis was mainly due to wrong monetary policies and related low interest rates since the early 2000s implemented by the Fed. Alternatively, numerous non-neoclassical analyses have suggested more critical studies on such a worldwide systemic turmoil. Some of them put the emphasis on the endogenous fragilities of capitalist finance from a Minskyian perspective while others focus on market imperfections and the irrelevance of self-regulation with regard to systemic stability issues. Most of those researches shed light, explicitly or indirectly, on institutional weaknesses of the monetary and financial markets that central governments’ and regulation authorities’ reforms have fueled.

This specific AFEP-AFEE panel session aims at gathering contributions that seek to offer an institutional analysis on those topics and encourages institutionalist and evolutionist analyses to develop studies on the fragilities of the financialization process of capitalist economies and its systemic consequences in the aim of foreseeing a relevant alternative future for democratic societies.

The suggested deadline for proposals (abstract up to 2 pages with max 5 keywords and JEL Codes, with author(s) name(s), affiliation, mail and email addresses) is 15 March 2017. It is suggested that at least one of the authors of each paper is a member of AFEE at the date of the conference.

The proposals must be sent to Dr. Faruk ÜLGEN (Log into your account to view the email address.)

Notification of acceptance of papers will be sent to authors on 31 March 2017.

Completed papers are to be submitted by 1 June 2017 and will be posted on the conference website unless the authors request otherwise.


(Please, see the call for papers of the AFEP at: https://afep2017.sciencesconf.org/?forward-action=index&forward-controller=index&lang=en)