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 Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE)

Call for Papers

Annual Meeting, AFEE at ASSA; Boston MA, USA (as far as we know…)
January 7-9, 2022

Culture, Crises, and Capitalism

We live in an era of competing crises:  the climate crisis, the ever-looming threat of the next financial crisis, crises of police brutality and military imperialism, chronic institutional crises which enervate minorities, women, the Global South and intersections therein.  Oh, and a global pandemic.  Despite these competing and escalating crises, societies appear largely ossified into political inaction. In a world where little seems to make sense, Original Institutionalists understand fundamentally that there is much more at play than simple market machinations or the vicissitudes of fate. This year’s AFEE conference theme integrates our studies of cultural institutions and capitalism within the context of continual crises. 

‘Crises’ here is meant to be broadly interpreted.  Of course, all papers that fall within the traditions of Veblen, Commons, Polanyi, Galbraith, Feminist Institutionalism, Radical Institutionalism, and Post Keynesian Institutionalism will be considered; papers that address the following topics, however, will receive special consideration: 

  • Cultural responses to class conflict and crisis
  • Disproportionate impacts of crises on marginalized communities
  • Disproportionate impacts of crises on the Global South
  • Climate change and cultural institutions
  • Original Institutional approaches to Modern Monetary Theory
  • Mythos vs logos in popular culture
  • Toxic institutions of neoliberalism
  • Workplace culture and response to crisis
  • Use and abuse of the surplus during crises
  • Revolution, reform, or reactionary expression: popular reaction to crisis
  • Policy and theory failures in the creation of and reaction to crisis
  • Culture, crisis, and the welfare state
  • Original Institutionalist analyses of intersectional invidious distinctions
  • Cultural and institutional coping mechanisms in crises

Creativity is encouraged.  Panels of up to 5 papers related to the program theme will be lovingly received; panels consisting solely of white men will be unenthusiastically received.


Papers and panels that cannot be included on the AFEE at ASSA program will automatically be considered for the ICAPE (International Confederation of Associations for Pluralism in Economics) conference that immediately precedes the ASSA conference on January 6, 2022 from 8 AM to 5 PM at UMass Boston, within an easy cab ride of the ASSA conference hotels.

Papers presented at the AFEE-sponsored ICAPE sessions will be eligible for publication in the June issue of the JEI. AFEE sponsored sessions must be approved by the Committee on Regional and International Conferences (CRIC).


Submission Requirements and Procedures

The submission deadline is June 1, 2021; no late proposals considered. Acceptance or rejection notices will be issued by early July 2021 at the latest, barring another global catastrophe.

Membership requirement:
At least one of the authors of any paper must be a member of AFEE upon submission and presentation at the conference. For registration information, go to https://afee.net/?page=membership  or contact Eric Hake (AFEE Secretary-Treasurer) at Log into your account to view the email address..


Please submit your individual paper proposals through: 


If you organizing a panel, please ensure that each individual paper proposal is submitted and that the author notes in the submission form the title of the panel and the panel organizer’s name (there is a space in the form for this).


June JEI:
Papers presented at the AFEE meeting in Boston are eligible for consideration of publication in the June issue of the JEI. To be considered for publication:

  • Text of your paper cannot exceed 2,850 words
  • No more than four pages (total) of double-spaced endnotes, references, tables, and figures.
  • Deadline for submission: December 14, 2021

Papers should be sent as an email attachment to William Waller, Editor of the JEILog into your account to view the email address.

This academic year has been a rough one for all of us.  I set the deadline for June 1 to give us all a little breathing room and time to cut through all the static and noise and just….think.  Take care of yourselves and your loved ones.  I look forward to receiving your proposals.

Mary V. Wrenn
U. of the West of England

Questions or concerns?  Email me:  Log into your account to view the email address.