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Call for Papers AFEE @ EAEPE 2019

Call for Papers for the Special Session 

Deadline was 1st April 2019

“A World of Walled Economies:
An Evolutionary-Institutional Approach to the Old Divisions and New Boundaries”

organized by

Research Area [JAES] (Joint AFEE-EAEPE Sessions) & Research Area [M] (Social Economics)

The 31st Annual EAEPE Conference
12-15 September 2019, SGH Warsaw School of Economics, Warsaw, Poland


In line with this year’s conference theme, the RA [JAES] & RA [M] joint sessions focus on our world of walled economies from an evolutionary-institutionalist and social economics perspective. A debate on “walls” has risen especially since 2015 when millions of people have been displaced due to war and instabilities in their home countries. Some European countries have rebuilt borders; the USA-Mexico wall is a big crisis at the moment. These are, however, only one type of walls afflicting our societies and communities worldwide. Myriad walls, both actual and virtual, have been put up in the last 30 years, despite the optimism fostered by the fall of the Berlin Wall that the Cold War was over, and globalization would solve the rest. The world we live in today is a “walled world”, where economic, social and political divisions among people abound. By promoting values and institutions, which separate the “social” from the “economic” and give primacy to markets and profit, mainstream economics has created inequalities and injustices which impose limitations on prosperity and peace.

In this session, we aim at bringing together research and scholars to discuss the problems of a “walled” world. We would also like to examine alternative values and institutions which have been set up across the globe to take down these walls – which include, but are not limited to, collective and community economies; worker-recuperated enterprises; local development movements; transnational, national and subnational public-private initiatives; and networks for cooperation, development and welfare. We are interested in evolutionary-institutional analyses that explain, in their process and change, the alternative institutional arrangements and diversity of solutions that go beyond states and markets. We seek to bring the “social” back into economic analyses for realistic assessments of socio-economic systems, and human capabilities and limitations to organize themselves in this walled world, which are often covered by the walls of neoclassical foundations in economics. We, therefore, invite new ideas and heterodox concepts and approaches to break down these walls.

Scholars from around the globe with expertise in this field will be taking part in these sessions. Prof. Robert McMaster (University of Glasgow, UK) is the invited speaker of the joint sessions and will present a talk on the Political Economy of Brexit. This year, the journals Forum for Social Economics and Journal of Institutional Studies are willing to offer a symposium or a Special Issue or Selection of the papers presented at the session(s).

Abstract Submission:

Related abstracts (300-750 words) should be submitted electronically at the conference website at https://eaepe.org/?page=events&side=annual_conference&sub=abstract_submission by mentioning/selecting the joint RA [JAES] & RA [M] Session before 1st April 2019.

Sent on behalf of RA co-ordinators: Asimina Christoforou (RA-JAES), Svetlana Kirdina-Chandler (RA-JAES), Merve Burnazoglu (RA-M), Wolfram Elsner (RA-M).