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Call for Papers AFEE @ EAEPE 2021

Call for Papers for the Special Session  

“A Window of Opportunity for Heterodox Economics
Amidst the Financial and Health Crises” 

organized by

Research Area [JAES] (Joint AFEE-EAEPE Sessions) &
Research Area [I] (Comparative Political Economy) 

The 33rd Annual EAEPE Conference,
Parthenope University of Naples, Naples, Italy,
2-4 September 2021, ONLINE CONFERENCE

In line with this year’s conference theme, the joint special session organized by RA [JAES] and RA [I] focuses on our world amidst the recent financial and health crises. After the financial crises of the past decade, 2020 was the year when the Covid-19 pandemic generated new uncertainties and challenges which threatened not only the survival of our economies, but also the survival of humankind. More than ever before we became witness of the ways our economic and social life within our communities, or even within our own homes, is inextricably linked, not only with the life of communities across the globe, but also with the health of our bodies, mind and soul, as protection against the vices of opportunism and market competition, climate change and environmental destruction, became as important as protection against the virus. The need for social distancing measures under the health emergency may as well reflect the distancing we have observed for decades from social values and public institutions of equality, justice, solidarity and caring for nature. In face of growing tensions and conflicts, we need to return to common values, respect for the most important public goods and the capacity to reach consensus.

In this session, we aim at bringing together research and scholars to open a window of opportunity for heterodox economics amidst the crisis. We choose to view the situation as an opportunity to revisit economic theories and policies, to assess our relations with other disciplines and the state, and to redefine our motivations and objectives in the economy and in economics by considering the lessons of heterodox approaches, which stress the complexities of our societies, as well as the multiplicity of values and institutions that determine and preserve our humanity. The special session welcomes a number of themes on this topic, such as:

  • financial speculation deviating from the real economy
  • aggravations of inequality, poverty, and famine
  • the new hegemony of the large IT-corporations
  • the need for national and supranational societal representative bodies to promote social and environmental protection
  • addressing questions of redistribution and development from various heterodox perspectives (e.g. post-Keynesianism, institutionalism, political economy etc.), in light of the current rise in public debt.

Scholars from around the globe with expertise in this field will be taking part in these sessions. Professor Tonia Warnecke from Rollins College, US and Professor Pascal Petit from University Paris 13 Sorbonne are invited speakers of the joint sessions. Professor Warnecke will present a talk on “Reshaping Recovery with the Social Solidarity Economy” and Professor Petit will present a talk on “In search of a multilateral global governance setting the planet on a sustainable path after the COVID19 crisis”. This year The Review of Evolutionary Political Economy is willing to offer a Symposium or a Special Issue or a Selection of the papers presented at the Special session.

Abstract Submission:

Related abstracts (300-750 words) should be submitted electronically at the conference website before 1st April 2021:https://eaepe.org/?page=events&side=annual_conference&sub=abstract_submission

Authors are reminded to select the option A Window of Opportunity for Heterodox Economics Amidst the Financial and Health Crises, on the electronic form (it is one of the last options, below the Research Areas).

Sent on behalf of coordinators: RA[JAES]: Asimina Christoforou, Svetlana Kirdina-Chandler, Wolfram Elsner. RA[I]: Maria Lissowska, Caroline Vincensini