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Past AFEE Committees

Committee on Publications:

The Bylaws specify that three members of the COP be the President, the immediate Past President, and the President-Elect, and, further that each President select a member for a three year term.  The President serves as chair of the committee.

2002 2003 2004
S. Kelton J. Peach (P) C. Clark (PE)
R. Prasch R. Prasch E. Mutari
R. Stevenson (PP) J. Swaney (PP) J. Peach (PP)
J. Swaney (P) W. Waller (PE) R. Prasch
E. Zein-Elabdin  D. Zalewski W. Waller (P)
J. Peach (PE) S. Kelton D. Zalewski
2005 2006 2007
C. Clark (P) K. Jameson G. Atkinson (P) (C)
G. Hodgson (PE) F. Lee M. Rutherford (PE)*
E. Mutari E. Hake G. Hodgson (PP)*
R. Prasch E. Sent R. Prasch
W. Waller (PP) C. Clark (PP) M. Toruno
D. Zalewski G. Atkinson (PE) M. Wilson
  G. Hodgson (P)  
2008 2009 2010
M. Rutherford (C) (P) D. Champlin (P) (C) R. Prasch (C)
G. Atkinson (PP)* M. Rutherford (PP) D. Champlin
D. Champlin (PE) R. Prasch (PE) J. Peterson
R. Holt M. Toruno (3rd year) J. Knoedler
R. Prasch R. Holt (2nd year) R. Holt
M. Toruno J. Knoedler (1st year) J. Henry
2011  2012  
J. Peterson (C)*  J. K Galbraith (P)(C)*  
J. K. Galbraith (PE)*  P. O'Hara (PE)*  
R. Prasch (PP)*  J. Peterson (PP)*  
J. Knoedler (year 3)  J.F. Henry (Year 3)  
J. F. Henry (year 2)  G. Atkinson (Year 2)  
G. Atkinson (year 1)  R.V. Adkisson (Year 1)  

P = President
PE = President Elect
PP = Past President
* =  Board Member
(C) = Chair


Financial Advisory Committee

The committee will consist of five (5) members. A new member of the Financial Advisory Committee will be appointed each year by the President in consultation with the Secretary-Treasurer. The members should have technical competence with regard to investment in financial instruments. Each member will serve a five (5) year term. Committee members will be eligible to stand for immediate renomination upon completion of their term. The Financial Advisory Committee will select its own chair.

2002 2003 2004
J. Adams J. Adams J. Adams
K. Brook K. Brook D. Champlin
I. Grabel I. Grabel I. Grabel
A. Larkin D. Champlin A. Larkin
M. Liviningston A. Larkin N. Rose
  M. Livingston  
2005 2006 2007
J. Adams J. Adams J. Adams
D. Champlin D. Champlin S. Fullwiler
I. Grabel J. Peach E. Hake
A. Larkin N. Rose A. Mayhew
N. Rose D. Zalewski D. Zalewski (C)
2008 2009 2010
J. Adams E. Hake (3rd year) J. Knoedler (C)
S. Fullwiler A. Mayhew (3rsd year) E. Hake
E. Hake (C) D. Zalewski (4th year) A. Mayhew
A. Mayhew J. Harvey (1st year) S. Kelton
D. Zalewski S. Kelton (1st year) J. Harvey
2011  2012  
J. Harvey (C) (year 3)  J. Harvey (C) (Year 4)  
S. Bell-Kelton (year3)  S. Kelton (Year 4)*  
J. Knoedler (year 2)  J. Knoedler (Year 3)  
R. F Nesiba (year 1)  R. Nesiba (Year 2)  
W. Waller (year 1)  W. Waller (Year 2)**  
   P. Manchester (Year 1)  


Nominating Committee

2006 2007 2008
R. Prasch G. Schneider G. Hodgson (C)
W. Dolsma S. Kasper S. Kasper
J. Knoedler W. Redmond G. Schneider
C. Leathers R. Stanfield E. Hake
K. Nielsen P. O’Hara K. Nielsen
2009 2010  2011
J. Knoedler (C) B. Wiens-Tuers (C)  R. Holt (C)
M. Carroll M. Wrenn  P. Arestis
J. Marangos J. Peach  J. Marangos
B. Wiens-Tuers C. Whalen  T. Natarajan
M. Wrenn D. Dequech  M. Starr
S. Kelton (C)    
J. Watkins    
S. Pressman    
W. Elsner    


Veblen-Commons Committee  The Veblen-Commons Award is given in recognition of the contributions made by an outstanding scholar in the field of evolutionary institutional economics.

2006 2007 2008
D. Dequech (C) W. Dugger (C) S. Kelton (C)
P.D. Bush S. Kelton P. Arestis
G. Hodgson W. Elsner W. Dugger
N. Lazaric C. Leathers W. Elsner
  E. Miller C. Leathers
2009 2010  2011
A. Mayhew (C) W. Waller (C)  P. D. Bush (C)
T. Adkisson M. Starr  D. Champlin
E. Miller T. Natarajan  D. Figart
J. Peterson S. Kelton  D. Greenwood
D. Zalewski C. Poirot  R. Stanfield
I. Grabel (C)    
A. Mahew    
R. Stanfield    
E. Tymoigne    
R. Wray    


Committee on Electronic Possibilities

2006 2007 2008
R. Adkisson (C) B. Wiens-Tuers (C) B. Wiens-Tuers (C)
G. Atkinson T. Oleson R. Adkisson
J. Knoedler M. Rutherford M. Rutherford
F. Lee J. Knoedler J. Knoedler
B. Wiens-Tuers J. Henry W. Dolsma
G. Schneider, ex officio D. Colander G. Schneider, ex officio
  G. Schneider, ex officio  
2009 2010  2011
M. Rutherford (C) G. Schneider (C)  G. Schneider (C)
R. Adkisson M. Forstater  R. Adkisson
M. Forstater D. Zalewski  D. Champlin
J. Knoedler R. Adkisson  E. Hake
T. Kemp T. Gallaway  M. Wren
D. Champlin E. Hake  T. Wunder (ex officio)
G. Schneider, ex officio T. Wunder (ex officio)  D. Zalewski
K. Stanfield (C)    
Y. Liang    
C. Brown    
E. Hake*    
D Zalewski*    
T. Wunder (ex officio)    


Membership Committee

2006 2007 2008
F. Lee (C) C. Brown (C) M. Forstater (C)
K. Jameson D. Champlin W.Elsner
S. Kelton C. Clark J. Knoedler
E. Hake J. Knoedler J. Marangos
E. M. Sent R. McMaster R. McMaster
2009 2010  2011
J. Marangos (C) J. Marangos (C)  Z. Todorova (C)
R. Stanfield T. Jo  R. Ashford
K. Stanfield T. Kemp  Y. Liang
J. Watkins J. Watkins  M. Rutherford
T. Wunder    B. Wiens-Tuers
D. Greenwood (C)    
S. Mastracci    
T. Natarajan    
T. Warnecke    
M. Altman    


Street Scholar Committee

2006 2007 2008
J. Cypher (C) J. Peach (C) J. Peach (C)
J. Dietz R. Adkisson D. Dequech
J. Peach G. Dymski G. Dymski
D. Dequech D. Dequech K. Jameson
R. Adkisson K. Jameson J, Parada
2009 2010  2011
J. Cypher (C) J. Cypher (C)  J. Hall (C)
J. Hall G. DeMartino  J. Cypher
G. DeMartino R. Prasch  G. Demartino
S. Berger G. Dymski  J. T. Peach
G. Schneider J. Hall  K. Stanfield
D. Champlin    
G. Dymski (C)    
J. Devine    
D. Papadimitriou    
E. Correa    
M. Setterfield    


Ad Hoc Committee on Sharpe Transition

M. Rutherford (C)    
E. Hake    
G. Schneider    
J. Knoedler    
W. Elsner    


Ad Hoc Committee on AFEE at Regional/International Conferences

2009  2010  2011
B. Dugger (C)  W. Dugger(C)  A. Klimina(C)
W. Elsner  W. Elsner  S. Bell-Kelton
E. Mutari  W. Waller  W. Elsner
B. Waller  S. Kelton  E. Mutari
S. Kelton  E. Mutari  W. Waller
M. Starr (C)    
K. Josifidis    
P. Petit    
S. Hsu    
A. Limina    
F. Lee    


Ad Hoc Committee on AFEE/EAEPE Cooperation

2006 2007 2008
B. Dugger (C) J. Groenewegen (C) J. Groenewegen (C)
J. Groenewegen P. D. Bush P. D. Bush
J. Knoedler G. Hodgson G. Hodgson
F. Lee W. Waller W. Waller
A. Mayhew M. Wilson  
W. Waller (AFEE representative to JOIE)
Ad Hoc Committee discontinued.


Ad Hoc Committee on the Purposes and Benefits of the AFEE Summer School

C. Clark (C)    
S. Dunn    
G. Hayden    
W. Waller    
R. Wray    


Ad Hoc Committee on Electronic Publications

J. Peach (C)    
R. Adkisson    
J. Knoedler    
G. Atkinson    
G. Schneider    


Graduate Education Committee

W. Waller  (C)    
D. Champlin    
C. Clark    
J. Knoedler    
R. Phillips    


Thanks to Dell Champlin for this information