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Important AFEE announcements

Winners of 2024 AFEE awards, nominees for AFEE offices, 2023 AFEE elections forthcoming

August 24, 2023

Dear AFEE members,

On behalf of the entire AFEE board of directors and the AFEE staff, I send you our hopes that you have enjoyed the summer season and will feel renewed as the 2023-24 academic year looms head. I am writing with three important announcements; and since it’s summer season, I’ll keep them short and to the point.

First, let me publicly congratulate the winners of the 2024 AFEE Awards. Nominations were made by the 2023 AFEE Awards Committee, whose members are Susan Schroeder (chair, University of Sydney, Australia), Peter Ho (University of Denver, USA), Sara Hsu (University of Tennessee, USA), Carlos Medeiros (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), and Matias Vernengo (Bucknell University, USA). I thank Susan for her capable chairing and all the members for their service.

  • Veblen-Commons:  Professor Charles Whalen, The Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy, State University of New York at Buffalo (USA)
  • Clarence Ayres: Dr. Danielle Guizzo, Senior Lecturer, University of Bristol (UK)
  • James Street:  Associate Professor Diego Guevara Casteῆeda, National University of Colombia and Deputy Finance Minister of Colombia (Colombia)
  • Service Award:  Professor John Battaile Hall, Portland State University, Oregon (USA)

A full description of these awards’ remit is available here Appendix - Committees (afee.net); but succinctly summarized, the Veblen-Commons award is for scholarly contributions, the Clarence Ayres award for a promising international scholar, the James Street award for a Latin American scholar, and the Service award for sustained efforts to ‘in aid of organizations and programs that enhance institutional economics.’

Second, I’d also like to publicly announce the nominees to take up AFEE offices as of 2024. This too results from the work of a dedicated committee. The 2023 AFEE Nominations Committee consists of Barbara Hopkins (chair, Wright State University, USA), Leila Davis (University of Massachusetts, Boston, USA), Asimina Christoforou (Panteion University, Greece), Felipe Almeida (Federal University of Paraná, Brazil), and Robert Scott (Monmouth University, USA). I thank Barbara and all the members of this committee for their hard work. They have successfully identified candidates for the various officer and board positions to be renewed in 2024, and submitted these names to the AFEE Board of Directors for approval. That approval was unanimously given. Therefore it is my pleasure to announce the 2024 candidates for the AFEE Board:


  • Reynolds Nesiba (Augustana University, USA)

Board members:

  • Yan Liang (Willamette University, USA)
  • Eric Scorsone (Michigan State University, USA)
  • Karol Gil-Vasquez (Nichols College, USA)
  • Rojhat Avsar (Columbia College, USA)

Third, there is a vote of the membership upcoming in November, in which all members will be invited to complete a ballot on this list of AFEE board nominees. At that time, biographical information will be available for each nominee, as well as voting instructions.  Please look forward to that and do participate. An active organization is a healthy organization!

In conclusion, I want to publicly acknowledge the great efforts of our Past President Mary Wrenn and of all the AFEE officers and members who put together the 2023 AFEE Summer Workshop in Washington DC. Our highest priorities for this year have been to make further progress in internationalizing our membership and activities and to hold our first AFEE summer workshop for early-career researchers since 2005. Thanks to Mary’s above-and-beyond efforts and to those of the organizing committee she pulled together, the renewal of the AFEE summer workshop is now a ‘mission accomplished’. We’ll discuss this in the Board meeting in Texas in January 2024; it would be my hope that it will be just the start of the renewal of an activity that is critically important for both the short-term vibrancy and long-term viability of our Association.  

Best regards,

Gary Dymski

President, Association for Evolutionary Economics, 2023
Professor, Dept of Economics, Leeds University Business School, University of Leeds