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Association for Evolutionary Economics


January 29, 2018

Greetings AFEE Members,

After the weather-induced tumult of the Philadelphia ASSA meetings, we hope these last weeks of January have been full of productive calm. At the AFEE office, we’ve already received many new memberships and renewals in our office – thank you!  If you have not yet renewed, please visit our website at www.afee.net  (or use the renewal form attached here which you may mail or fax to our offices) You can always opt to skip printing anything at all and simply send us your renewal payment through regular mail. Let us know if your mailing address has changed.  If you need to confirm your membership status or have any other questions, please contact Teresa Rowell, coordinator@afee.net

Critical voices in our discipline are sorely needed, and your membership helps sustain the Association for Evolutionary Economics, the Journal of Economic Issues, institutionalist research and outreach, and the careers of institutionalist, heterodox, and pluralist economists around the globe. Thank you for your support of AFEE.

Here’s to a great 2018,

Eric R. Hake, AFEE Secretary/Treasurer
KSOB 324, Catawba College
Salisbury, NC 28144-2488
Office: 704-637-4293
Fax: 704-637-4491

Teresa Rowell, AFEE Coordinator