The Theory of Economic Progress

by Clarence E. Ayres

1996 Internet Edition

Electronically Published by the Association For Evolutionary Economics (AFEE)

Title Page
1996 Introduction, James I. Sturgeon
1978 Introduction, Louis Junker
Preface, First Edition
1962 Foreword, Ayres
Chapter I, The Science of Price 
Chapter II, The Price System 
Chapter III, The Concept of Capital 
Chapter IV, Theory of Value 
Chapter V, The Elements of Human Nature 
Chapter VI, Technology and Progress
Chapter VII, Industrial Evolution 
Chapter VIII, Ceremonial Patterns
Chapter IX, Technology and Institutions 
Chapter X, The Meaning of Value
Chapter XI, The Path of Progress 
Chapter XII, The Strategy of Progress 
Chapter XIII, The Power of Ideas 
Addendum I, Ayres
Addendum II, Hodges and Ayres