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Veblen-Commons Award Committee

Nominations for the Veblen-Commons Award should be sent to the Chair of the Veblen Commons Committee by May 1, 2014.  Nominations should include a statement of qualifications along with any useful or relevant supporting documents such as letters of support or a vita.  The Chair of the Veblen-Commons Committee will submit the committee’s recommendation to the Board of Directors for approval through the President and Secretary of the Association. 

Anne Mayhew, Committee Chair (T)
1400 Kenesaw Avenue #12G
Knoxville, TN 37919
Email: amayhew@utk.edu

Committee charge from Bylaws (Article X, Section 4): A Veblen-Commons Award shall be given in recognition of the contributions made by an outstanding scholar in the field of evolutionary institutional economics.  The President of the Association shall appoint a five (5) member Veblen-Commons Award committee each year to nominate a recipient.  The Committee shall recommend its nominee to the Board of Directors, which shall have the final decision-making power.