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Celebrating over 50 Years of Debate and Discussion: 1967 - 2024  The Association for Evolutionary Economics (AFEE) is an international organization of economists and other social scientists devoted to analysis of economies as evolving, socially constructed and politically governed systems.  AFEE publishes the Journal of Economic Issues (JEI)  and membership includes a paper copy and electronic access to the JEI.

The intellectual heritage of AFEE is that of the Original Institutional Economics (OIE) created and developed by early twentieth-century economists such as Thorstein Veblen, John R. Commons, and Wesley Mitchell. Over recent decades, this legacy has evolved to address such contemporary issues as:

  • The role of diverse cultures in economic performance.
  • Domestic and international inequalities of income.
  • The roles of social, economic and political power in shaping economic outcomes.
  • Globalization and the increasing weight of multinational corporations in the international economy.
  • The need for expanding use of modern technologies to relieve want.
  • The urgent need to for awareness of the impact of new technology on the biosphere.
  • The ways in which economic thought is affected by and affects always changing economics.

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