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AFEE Officers & Board Members for 2018

The Association for Evolutionary Economics is a professional organization of economists interested in the advancement of Institutional economic theory. Listed below are the current officers and board members of the association.

President – Charles Whalen, Visiting Scholar, Baldy Center for Law and Social Policy, SUNY Buffalo School of Law, NY Email Hidden

President Elect – David Zalewski, Providence College, RI  Email Hidden

Past President – Geoff Schneider, Bucknell University, PA – Email Hidden

Secretary/Treasurer – Eric Hake, Catawba College, NC – Email Hidden


Board Members:

Tonia Warnecke (through meetings of 2021) Rollins College, Email Hidden

Timothy Wunder (through meetings of 2021), University of Texas-Arlington - Email Hidden

International Director, Asimina Christoforou - (through meetings of 2020) Athens University of Economics & Business, Greece -Email Hidden

John P. Watkins - (through meetings of 2020) Westminister College, Salt Lake City - Email Hidden

Valerie Kepner - (through meetings of 2020) King's College Wilkesbarre PA - Email Hidden

Iciar Dominguez Lacasa (through meetings of 2019) University of Germany, Bremen - Email Hidden

Stephen Paschall (through meetings of 2019) Lovett Bookman Harmon Marks - Email Hidden

*Tae-Hee Jo (through the meetings of 2018) State University of New York, Buffalo State - Email Hidden

*Barbara Wiens-Tuers (through meetings of 2018) Pennsylvania State University-Altoona - Email Hidden

*Outgoing members.



Teresa C. Rowell, Coordinator (part time) - Salisbury, North Carollina  - Email Hidden

Email HiddenNathaniel Brown, Webmaster (contract) - Design Street Studios, Austin, TX  - Email Hidden