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 Dear AFEE Member,

As you know, we made a ballot available to membership in late July 2016 to vote on new AFEE Bylaws. The old Bylaws were from 1996. An Ad Hoc Bylaws Committee approved new draft Bylaws, then the Board approved the new draft Bylaws, and then membership voted.

I am delighted to announce that the new Bylaws received unanimous approval by AFEE voters who exercised their right to vote. I thank voters for taking the time to vote. Your voice is important to AFEE!

I am asking Secretary-Treasurer Eric Hake to publish these new Bylaws on our website and to take down the 1996 bylaws and preserve them in archives (electronic or otherwise).

As of today, we will abide by the new Bylaws. This will not affect anything immediately because there were no drastic changes in leadership and AFEE projects. When it comes to preparing the next election ballot, you will note that now “At least one (1) of the at-large Directors must not be a United States citizen and must reside outside the United States and shall be called International Director.” This language edit is intended to recognize the increase in the global membership of AFEE, not limiting the non-USA directors to one.

I look forward to seeing you at the AFEE sessions at the ASSA meetings in January 2017, if you can attend.



Deborah M. Figart, Ph.D.