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E-mail Discussion Lists Devoted to Heterodox Economics

Association For Evolutionary Economics Discussion List (AFEEMAIL on google groups)
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Capital and Class
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Feminist Economists Discussion Group (Femecon-L)
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Left Business Observer List (LBO Talk)
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Description: lbo-talk is an email-based mailing list for disucssing politics,
economics, and culture, all expansively defined, sponsored by this newsletter.
Despite that sponsorship, I hope this list will be a forum for speaking across
intellectual and social boundaries that have divided the left, such as it is,
for too long. Among these oppositions I'd like to see worked through are ones
like class/identity, cultural politics/"real" politics, Marxism/postmodernism,
universal/particularist, activism/theory, economics/culture, nature/labor;
nature/culture, and labor/culture.