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Media Library

This is the Golden age of information.  Institutionalists have always prided themselves on their ability to embrace new technologies.  The saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words.  Well a video is made of thousands of pictures so how many words is a video worth?  This site will serve as a collator of videos, and other electronic media, that demonstrate Institutional ideas.  Some selections are informative used to elaborate on an important specific point.  Some are selections offer institutional ideas in practical settings.  Some are selections that could be well used in a classroom. 

All the media linked here have been collected from other sites and have been linked here in this central repository for your convenience.  It should be made clear that if a selection expresses an opinion this does not imply that all members of AFEE necessarily agree with the opinion.  The media listed here are intended for entertainment, education, and thought provocation.  If you know of some video or podcast or other piece of media that you think should be included in this repository please drop us a line. 

Now sit back, butter up some popcorn, and enjoy living in the information age Institutional style.