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  • Association For Institutional Thought (AFIT): Institutional group with an annual conference and a commitment to heterodox undergraduate economics education.
  • Association for Social Economics (ASE): Founded in 1941, the ASE welcomes academics and practitioners who regard economic behavior to be the result of complex social interactions with ethical consequences. Some of its aims and objectives are, to foster research and publication centered on the reciprocal relationship between economics and broader questions of human dignity, ethical values, and social philosophy; to encourage the efforts of all scholars who are dedicated to exploring the ethical presuppositions and implications of economic analysis
  • European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE): formed to promote evolutionary, dynamic and realistic approaches to economic theory and policy. Instead of the over-formalistic and often empty theorising of orthodox economics, the aim is to bring together the ideas of a number of theorists and theoretical traditions, and to help to develop a more realistic approach to theory and policy.
  • Japan Association for Evolutionary Economics (JAFEE):an effort to innovate new economics by delving into the evolutionary mechanism of systems, organizations and technology.
  • Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (SASE): socio-economics begins with the assumption that economics is not a self-contained system, but is embedded in society, polity, and culture. Socio-economics regards competition as a subsystem encapsulated within a societal context that contains values, power relations, and social networks.