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     2018 James H. Street Scholar

 Felipe Almeida, Federal University of Paraná, Brazil

Felipe Almeida is an associate professor of economics at the Federal University of Paraná, Brazil. Since his M.A. and Ph.D. years, he is dealing with theoretical contributions to OIE. Regarding theoretical issues, his main theoretical concern is the institutionalist approach to decision-making. In his studies, Felipe Almeida introduced possibilities to connect modern psychology to original institutionalists’ approach to decision-making. To analyze the American Pragmatic Philosophers who influenced institutionalism founding fathers also became part of Felipe Almeida’s theoretical research. In recent years, he started to study the history of OIE. Considering the historical perspective, his main concern is the importance of Clarence Ayres for the development of OIE during mid-20th century. However, these research theme has been pushing Felipe Almeida to study the organization of the institutionalists association — the AFEE and the AFIT — and the institutionalists organization in groups — such as the Cactus Branch and Radical Institutionalists. OIE is also an important part of Felipe Almeida teaching. He is a member of the Ph. D. in Economics at the Federal University of Paraná. In this course, he teaches subjects about OIE and supervises M.A. and Ph.D. candidates. Felipe Almeida main goal as a professor and in the Ph. D. course is keep OIE alive and important.


Selected Publications:

[2017] A History of the Founding and Early Years of AFEE. Journal of Economic Issues, v. 51, p. 613-634

(with Marco Cavalieri)

[2017] An Institutional Explanation for Economists? Theoretical and Methodological Choices. Review of Political Economy, v. 29, p. 80-92

(with Eduardo Angeli and Renato Pontes)

[2016] Inside the Institutions of Organization of Institutional Economics: Why are there Two Institutionalist Organizations?. Journal of Economic Issues, v. 50, p. 566-574,

[2015] Institutionalists as Dissenters: Why Were Institutionalists So Dissatisfied with Economics During the Post-War Period. Journal of Economic Issues, v. 49, p. 475-482 (with Marco Cavalieri)

[2014] Thorstein Veblen and Albert Bandura: A Modern Psychological Reading of the Conspicuous Consumer. Journal of Economic Issues, v. 48, p. 109-122

[2011] Vicarious Learning and Institutional Economics. Journal of Economic Issues, v. 45, p. 839-855